KWD-Market Report: PEX and PE-RT Heating & Plumbing Pipes worldwide 2009

[inspic=307,left,,80]The latest KWD-Market Report with a global overview of the PEX and PE-RT Market has been published now:

The PEX and PE-RT Market in figures – 190 companies worldwide / basic information on pipes and piping systems / Summaries about Material, Machinery, Producer, Fittings, Systems and Standardisation from 2003 to 2008 /

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373 pages, many graphics and schedules / 580,- € for subscribers / 690,- for all others.

Contents in brief:
Foreword – First global overview of the PEX-Market (1 page)
I. Cross Linking methods – a brief Introduction (2 pages)
II. Production of PE-X pips and piping system (8 pages)
III. PEX and PE-RT Markets worldwide (26 pages)
IV. Summaries 2003 – 2008: Material, Machinery, Producer, Fittings, Systems, Standardisation (324 pages)
V. Directory: Companies alphabetial (7 pages)

Authors: Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Hix and Dipl.-Ing. Winfried Hamich

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Chapter I. (Cross Linking Methods – a brief Introduction) and Chapter II: (Producktion of PE-X pipes and piping systems) are:
– explaining the production methods
– telling Pros and Cons
– giving an overview about production layouts

Chapter III. (PEX and PE-RT Markets Worldwide) gives an overview of PEX and PE-RT pipe production worldwide in tons:
– published are the production quantities 2008, sorted by PE-Xa, PE-Xb, PE-xc and PE-RT
– the figures are published by companies and sorted by countries
– with many graphics (the most important producers or countries / Regions worldwide …)
– and much more interesting information about the PEX and PE-RT Markets

Chapter IV. Summaries 2003 – 2008 – Summaries for PE-Xa, PE-Xb, PE-Xc, PE-X general and PE-RT with the follwing classification:
1. PE-X Material Informations
2. PE-X Machinery Informations
3. PE-X Pipe Producer Companies
4. PE-X Special Fitting and Connection Solutions
5. PE-X Pipes in Plumbing Sytems
6. PE-X Pipes in Heating Systems
7. PE-X Pipes in District Heating Systems
8. PE-X Pipes in Gas-, Water- and Sewage Systems
9. PE-X Pipes in other Systems (Solar-, Geothermal-, etc)
10. PE-X Pipe Certification and Standardisation, Organisations

Chapter V: (Directory: Companies alphabetical) is a listing of PEX and PE-RT pipe producers worldwide
– PE-X Pipe Producers
– PE-Xa Pipe Producers
– PE-Xb Pipe Producers
– PE-Xc Pipe Producers
– PE-RT Pipe Producers
– Companies (PEX and PE-RT Pipe Producer) alphabetical

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